LPC13xx Bootloader Reverse Engineering

This article describes my research into internals of bootloader on NXP's lpc1313 and lpc1343 chips.

What is it?

Bootloader on lpc13xx chips is located in internal ROM at 0x1fff0000 and is 0x4000 (16kB) in size. It contains code for:

Existing work

None that I'm aware of. Googling for undocumented peripheral registers, values, addresses returns no results or something completely unrelated.

My work

I've used simple utilities to dump the FLASH contents to serial, and then transform to binaries objdump could understand.

The attached disassembly is from lpc1313, although it also contains USB code, so I think it's safe to assume the bootloader is shared amongst different chips.

Bootloader is using quite a few undocumented peripheral registers and currently what stands out the most for me is the secret FLASH described below.

The CRP checks look simple enough and don't seem to contain logic bugs. I do wonder how SWD is handled (is it disabled soon after boot, which would be bad from security point of view, or does it have to be enabled?)

Secret FLASH area

When disassembling I've noticed some special accesses are taking place.

It appears 0x0000 area can be remapped to some secret flash, if you write enable bit 0x40 at location 0x4003c000 (undocumented address, although close to other FLASH settings):

unsigned *f = (unsigned*)0x4003c000;
*f |= 0x40;

Note that since this code will basically make user FLASH unreachable, it should be executed from RAM.

This secret FLASH area is 2k long, with most entries being 0xffffffff. It contains some settings that are used by the bootloader and has a description of FLASH sectors. Accessing beyond 2k of this region just starts returning the same contents over and over again.


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